After recently watching a documentary on how simple-words DO have an effect on water, it made me think about what else CAN have an effect on water  (view What The Bleep Do We Know- Further Down The Rabbit Hole)  .... It got me thinking about alot and how we as humans on this planet are drinking so much negative energies in our water supplies.... I would love to extend an idea out there, into cyber Incubus land, calling out to all drummers and musicians that would be willing to participate in a summer of music by the waters to have a more POSITIVE effect on our water supplies.  It is proven with science that the words hate and love DO directly effect the molecules in our water... 

I am planning a 3 month road-trip across country through Canada in the fall, then down to southern California and over to the eastern board (or vice versa direction), so let me know if you are in any or around these locations...I would love to meet you and even do a street jam and play to raise money for the Make Yourself foundation.

I am definitely going to these locations

 Pier 21, Halifax

 New Jersey

 Hamden Connecticut

Geogian Guidestones

New Orleans, LA

Norman, OK

Zion Canyon, Utah

Lake Tahoe

Los Angeles, CA

Vancouver, BC

Prince George, BC

Peace River, AB

 Shilo, MB

 Thunder Bay, ON

Sault Ste Marie, ON

Lake Wanapitei, ON

Cheers to all...let me know if you would love to meet up, play some drums, or do a street jam (I play guitar and sing as well.)  My setlist will be in only positive songs, of love and happiness.  Do share your thoughts.

Love, peace and enlightenment,


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Stop into Lexington Ky if you can Andrea. I think what you are doing is beautiful. My soul power goes out to you in total support.

I will definitely have to see about planning it into the trip, somewhere between the Georgian Guidestones and New Orleans...Looks like I'll be doing an M formation...

Just wanted to update everyone..I started playing guitar downtown in my hometown to raise money for the Make Yourself Foundation.  This is a test run for the summer to come and a beautiful one it will be.  So far, with the help of kind donations I've made a total about $120 for the cause.  The trip will most likely be postponed until Spring 2014 to allow myself to raise the appropriate amount of funds required for travelling and expenses.  I will keep you all posted as I go..  Feel free to check out my blog I started about some of the experiences I've had so far by playing on the streets of Sudbury Ontario, the home of the Wolves!

I can't wait to meet those of you who would love to participate in this amazing adventure.  If you wish to meet up, leave a comment on where you live and I can surely see about popping into your town or city, within Canada or the USA


Much Love, Light and Peace!

I played guitar tonight from 11pm until about 1:30am. I raised $24.50 for the MYF tonight, so the grand total is at $145.72. So grateful for the donations and for the even more awesome memories and laughs I got out of the experience.  My cheeks hurt from laughing! :)

that is incredible :)

That's great, Andrea!

Amazing job!

love your "drive" and "energy" Andrea!  :)

Thank you everyone for your endless support; you are all in a happy place in my heart with your words of encouragement :)

Love and Light


The sun was shining, but it was a little chilly standing on an open corner! I had some great conversations with some old acquaintances about making positive change in our community....I raised a total of $3.80 (I was out for no more than 1 1/2 hrs) and the convcrsations; priceless....Every little bit helps.

Grand total at: $149.52  Sweet!

yep, it all adds up in the end.  long ago, when I worked as a waitress, our boss would tell us, "it only takes 4 quarters to make a dollar!" 

It surely does, and I keep my "bottom dollar" in my guitar :)

Today, I went out and played for a couple of hours and it was still pretty cold outside, hands turn purple but I still raised $6.30 for the MYF foundation and raising the grand total little by little. I even got to show a little boy how to pluck strings..It's moments like those that make it all worthwhile.  There's a man that is suffering from alcoholism that I run into on a daily basis and got him to open up a little and I will be buying him a sketchbook and a few pencils so that he can create with his talents.  :) 

Love and Happiness and much Peace,




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