After recently watching a documentary on how simple-words DO have an effect on water, it made me think about what else CAN have an effect on water  (view What The Bleep Do We Know- Further Down The Rabbit Hole)  .... It got me thinking about alot and how we as humans on this planet are drinking so much negative energies in our water supplies.... I would love to extend an idea out there, into cyber Incubus land, calling out to all drummers and musicians that would be willing to participate in a summer of music by the waters to have a more POSITIVE effect on our water supplies.  It is proven with science that the words hate and love DO directly effect the molecules in our water... 

I am planning a 3 month road-trip across country through Canada in the fall, then down to southern California and over to the eastern board (or vice versa direction), so let me know if you are in any or around these locations...I would love to meet you and even do a street jam and play to raise money for the Make Yourself foundation.

I am definitely going to these locations

 Pier 21, Halifax

 New Jersey

 Hamden Connecticut

Geogian Guidestones

New Orleans, LA

Norman, OK

Zion Canyon, Utah

Lake Tahoe

Los Angeles, CA

Vancouver, BC

Prince George, BC

Peace River, AB

 Shilo, MB

 Thunder Bay, ON

Sault Ste Marie, ON

Lake Wanapitei, ON

Cheers to all...let me know if you would love to meet up, play some drums, or do a street jam (I play guitar and sing as well.)  My setlist will be in only positive songs, of love and happiness.  Do share your thoughts.

Love, peace and enlightenment,


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I'm in. Geogian Guidstones looks awesome! So does Pier 21

I am trying to decide if going counterclockwise is better than going clockwise, considering the time of the year, so starting with westward and going down and then going across to the eastern board.  I know that the weather tends to get a little squirrley around September-October on the Eastern shores.

I'm super excited to make this a reality with others that see the beauty in the experience

Maybe we can form a cross country convoy of fans!!!! I'll have room for one other person that can travel light :)

sounds awesome Andrea.  i have been a free bird most of my life, living in several different areas of the U.S.

i think this will be an awesome experience for you.  have you planned anything in the L.A. area yet? 

Beth, I'll definitely be spending a few weeks in the L.A area. Last time was too rushed, this is why I'm allowing myself the proper time to seek and love and have fun authentically.  I haven't made any concrete plans, other than decide that I WILL be doing the trip and some of my locations, however, I haven't made any plans or arrangements for sleeping, I still have lots of time to decide if I want to camp out (I have a doggie coming along, she's awesome too!)

it sounds like you're starting out smart and i'm wishing you all the best.  I live about 2 hours from L.A.  right now, but would love to come for the event.  Since you'll be in the area a few weeks, i hope you will plan to check out Venice Beach.  #1 Brandon lives there #2 with our weather here getting springish already, there are lots of tourist that frequent there daily, as well as the locals.  I think you'll be in a good spot for your efforts.  I'll be glad to try and help you out if you'd like. glad you've got your doggie coming along, she should have a great time too!

I have been to Venice Beach in the past and I do see myself returning for another adventure.  It's so neat to see it all up close when you live so far away and to walk the sands, see the sights, hear the people, get a palm reading, all awesome.  Gelato melts pretty quickly in July heat...note to self...hahahah

I can't wait, I wish I can go sooner but I will need to make up the funds to enable the trip to make it all that much worthwhile.  I think I'm going to be selling a lot of artwork, paintings, photographs between now and then.... :)

I remember driving towards Los Angeles from Newport Beach and then it hit me...I forgot all my film in the fridge back at the hotel.....For those who have never been to LA, especially in July, it's hot and worse in gridlock....what is normally 30 minutes of backed up traffic in Canada, is a long 3 hrs...hahahha OMG 

I'm super excited to meet all the fans that would love to participate... I have two guitars, a djembe, didgeridoo, and a tamborine so many can participate....should be lots of fun....A beach jam, I've been wanting to do, I'm so excited, I'm glowing!

I can't wait to meet you too Beth!  Lets all get a setlist going, of Incubus songs and other songs with LOVE in theme.....

sounds like you've got a great plan.  I really respect you for what you are doing and believe you will have a prosperous journey.  unfortunately, i ditched the piano classes when all my teacher would let me play was "classical"..... i'd go home and learn to play rock songs on my own!  so other than a pretty decent singing voice, i think i'll go for the tamborine if that would be okay.  :)

I would be glad to hear you jam out any one of my instruments but when  we collide, you have dibs on my tamborine!!! :)  ...I forgot to add that I have two different kind of flutes too. hahahah Thank you for the warm wishes and keep playing music, because it's great for the soul~! 

This sounds awesome! I've seen What The Bleep Do We Know and have been working to integrate some of the ideas into my life. Using our mental power and positivity around water is a great idea, especially during the times of Canadian government really disrepecting and encouraging the abuse of our environment. I would love to join you @ Pier 21 in Halifax! The Atlantic Ocean and surrounding waters could use our help! Thanks for getting this going, I really hope you're able to get from coast to coast sharing your warm energy!

I am confident that the coast to coast trip will be one to remember always.  I hope that more fans want to participate in this project...

I agree with you completely Will, coming from working for the Ministry of Natural Resources and not being able to find work in my field for over 5 years...It sucks when you want to make a difference and help conserve our resources and the government (and companies) only think about WHAT THEY can get out of it and rape whatever we have without thinking of the consequences, then cutting out all the programs that hired us conversationalists.  ouch, I say, ouch.....

Regardless, I encourage everyone to HUG A TREE at least once a week and tell it how sexy it is..... :)

I'm excited to see the east coast and touch the west coast (again).  



Allow me to correct a word... Conversationalist is supposed to be conservationalist....if that is even a word...shite I'm french!



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