Every time anyone logs into the chat it seems like the first question is 'what's the news??' so here.  Let's all put what we've heard down and where it's come from on this thread.  We can keep it updated so people can come straight here and no one misses at thing.


Today at the morning briefing we got a (very blurry) preview of concepts for the album cover.  It was really really blurry so I can't really describe the concepts other than there were three of them, but I think someone might have gotten a screen cap.


Renman said that the boys will be doing a photoshoot on Saturday and filming for the Adolescents video on Sunday, which he expects to be 'out there' by the 25th of April.  He also confirmed that the band will be touring the US August-September, starting with the Red Rocks and ending in LA.  Lastly, he told us that Brandon wrote a 'bio' letter for the new album like the letter that accompanied The Wild Trapeze.

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MmmmMMmmmm geaaarrrrr  mmmmmmmm mikey. stoked!!! 8 days!AGAIN!



Mansfield Comcast Center show Review + Pics

Hey! Does anybody know the Hollywood Penthouse's setlist?
live recording of "11AM" in Cleveland has been added to Mobile Roadie. Download the app to listen: http://road.ie/incubushq



Brandon's Last 'Orangutan' Print Is Up for Auction

Many of you are familiar with Brandon's 'Orangutan' print as several of you own it or have inquired about it!

And while it's been sold out for some time, there was one held back in order to be donated to a charity event Brandon is a part of called 'Art Mere, Art Pere' which benefits Livestrong cancer research centers. Many of you may recall he donated a different print last year to this charity that fared quite well.

Please visit http://artmereartpere.com/auction_11.html to read about the cause and view the silent auction items....'Orangutan' can be found in the 9th row.

Went to the Shoreline show last night and there was no HQ tent. WTF?? So disappointing. But the show was great.


Hey Karleen, I was there too, and very bummed that there was no tent!  I so wanted to meet some other HQers!  and yes the show was amazing!  Were you really close? I was in sec. 200, front row, not so bad.  wanted to be UP FRONT!

Section 200, 6 rows back...we were practically neighbors! :) Next time, I'm getting presale whether I can afford it or not!

These seats were pre-sale but I was out of town, camping, so we had to go to a library in town,  it was later than I planned to get down to business and it was a pain in the ass!  I was so nervous, my daughter had to do it for me!  I was shaking!  lol!  I'm saving my money for a MYF meet n greet for whenever the next time comes around!
I was broke. Had to wait until I got some money for my bday! But what a great bday present! I'd love a meet n greet as well.


European Opening Act!

I'm pleased to announce that the up-and-coming UK-based band fiN will be opening for Incubus during the European leg of their If Not Now, When? World Tour, for all shows except the ones in Berlin and Abu Dhabi. Check them out at their youtube before the shows, here: http://www.youtube.com/fiN

HQchat / IncuChat is now accessible via Apple devices (iPhone/iPad), if you read the latest bulletin Lauren posted on Incubus HQ's main page (and in your email notifications as well).

So, please spread the Great news to your Apple-user friends (and of course call upon the Android users too)!

Also, if you're still not aware - you can now find Jose Pasillas in twitter: @JoseAPasillasII

(along with the other 4 Incubus Members who joined twitter much earlier)

Let's get this party started in #IncuHQ fellow #Incufans!  :)



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