Who was able to get in? I got there a little before 7pm and the line was insane. Luckily I was able to get in to meet Brandon & Jose before they cleared out a large group of us to let more people in.

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I was there and I was really amazed at what Brandon had done. I had no idea how big the space of the mural was. Anybody have photos please post.

There are large pictures, hanging around. 



Oh, i wish I could attend but i live so far away. The latest drawing/ painting techiques Brandon's using is fantastic. He did a great job, from what I could see so far on pictures around internet. Hey Steve, how about giving him the idea of doing a similar mural to use on the scenary for next tour?

I think he'd like.

I was there also, and we were actually second in line. Waiting to get in from 4 pm. We couldn't say hi to Brandon the first time he came out, but they let us wait, when they told everyone to leave to wait for the second group of people. Then Jose came out and then Brandon. Glad I could meet'em both, but was also so thrilled that I could say hi and talk to El Jefe Steve (!!!!!!!) and Baelyn. It was worth the drive up there from Mexico, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The drawings and the message from Brandon Boyd were just mesmerizing. Wasn't expecting such an impressive mural.

The only thing that annoyed me a little was people asking me who were the people I was talking to and why were they so special :/ . STEVE IS THE MAN! it's all I had to say to them :) .


Thank u all for such an special evening.


I'm so sad I missed Jose!

Here's a link to his speech:





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