I didn't find a discussion about this great musician, so I'll start one.



Ben has already released  4 albums:

26 (2004)
Maduro (2006) 
Distance And Comfort (2008) 
Burn The Tapes (2010)



What do you guys think of his music?
What´s your favorite song or album?
Has anyone already seen him live??

Tell us ! :)


Ben Kenney Facebook


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Ben will be performing at Rockwood Music Hall in New York on 2/13 and 2/27.

Set time is 9:30pm.


Free Admission.

Who is going?

Ben Kenney is doing a short solo tour through the US!

Thursday, June 6th at the Hard Rock in Boston, MA

Friday, June 7th at the Note in Westchester, PA

Saturday, June 8th at Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ

Sunday, June 9th at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, June 11th at the Hard Rock in Pittsburg, PA

Wednesday, June 12th at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH Buy Tickets!

Thursday, June 13th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit, MI

Saturday, June 15th at the Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS Buy Tickets!

Monday, June 17th at the Walnut Room in Denver, CO

Friday, June 21st at the Martini Ranch in Phoenix, AZ

Sunday, June 23rd at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA Buy Tickets!


how i wish i could see him perform live! my fave song is Rubber Sheets. you better check it out! one question: do you know any other artist that sounds like him? i mean the music he plays.

He is coming to Europe! :)


 "It looks like I'll have a few solo shows in Europe at the end of the summer. I can't wait for that. It'll be my first time playing solo overseas. That's been a huge personal goal of mine and I can't express how geeked I am about it."

Little short story of when I saw Ben Kenney at The Roxy in LA on June 22nd, 2013.

Kilmore played a DJ set prior to Ben's performance; the house lights dim and fade back in, and, like a magic trick, Jose appeared on a drum kit playing a remix version of "love hurts". Jose finished the set with Kilmore, and as they walked off stage I paid my respects to Jose, praising and thanking him for such a great performance - he replied, "Thanks for coming out and grooving with us"; priceless.

As Kilmore exited the stage, I was able to shake his hand and yell, "Kil, you want to smoke this blunt [pulled out from my ear to show him I wasn't bullshitting] with me?!" He replied, "Yea, after Ben's set".

Of course, I was giddy and my girlfriend thought I was a weirdo since I was ranting/boasting to everyone around, "I'M GONNA SMOKE A BLUNT WITH KILMORE!!!" What can I say, I love and have loved incubus since 99... I was 11, so, yea... big part of my life.

Ben set starts and I'm in awe. Usually he just plays with a drummer and bass player (FYI Ben plays guitar for his shows), but he had a second guitarist this tour - I was explaining this to my girlfriend, she basically said with her eyes "Shut the fuck up and let me enjoy the show" - If that was the case, I don't blame her... If you love incubus, you will love seeing Ben kenney perform live. He typically does smaller venues, which IMO is great - a lot more intimate of shows, and there is never a bad seat in the house, unless you are average height (like myself) and there are basketball player sized spectators surrounding you. Ben Kills it!

Speaking of Kil, no, I didn't end up smoking down with him. As Ben was playing, I'd say midway through his set, I saw Kilmore's dreads flowing through the air. I turned around and saw him grab the best looking girl in the crowd (might have been a friend or encounter earlier in the night) and say "Alright, let's go." They both ran, literally ran, out the door, never to be seen again.

Oh Rockstar life....

Hey Demir, thanks for the review!
Cool that Kil and José performed there as well.

Have you got the setlist?

Can't wait to see Ben killing it !

Ben is coming to Europe ! It will be his first time playing solo overseas !

You can purchase your tickets for the shows in
Cologne and Berlin / Germany >>here.



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