Needless to say, I'm very anxious and looking forward to Brandon's latest solo creation!  So, what I want to know is, will we be allowed to reserve copies to purchase before it's released?  Anyone have any news? 

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The same :(

Yeah, Natalie, I feel the same way about "Come Together" I love it the best so far too.  It'll be cool to check out the video too!  Waiting for the next song he will release!  I'm VERY pleased so far!:)


Ok, one last chance effort for you Gabriel and anyone else who can't stream on the link the Beth so wonderfully provided, or on Spotify, "Come Together" is on Tumblr! Actually, this user posted all the songs but as we have all heard the other three, I'm just going to link to this song and cross my fingers that all can hear it here!

P.S. I'm kinda of an extra fan of this one, can you tell? ;)

One more thing before I forget, not sure if everyone has Twitter, I just got it myself a few months ago, but Brandon confirmed on there that there would would DEFINITELY be a CD and vinyl release of the full album this fall! :D

More Great News!!  Found the song "Come Together" with written lyrics!  Still love it the best so far.  And its nice to see Brandon showing his hands turning over the cards this time.  Looks like Baelyn (sp?) is showing off her dancing skills and hot body in this one!  Check it out on "FUSE".com.

Yes, I was SO excited when I saw him really say for sure that we would be getting physical copies of this new and beautiful album! Now we just need tour info right guys and gals? Haha

You know Beth, I think that video cemented Come Together as my favorite! Baelyn was rocking out just like I was when I heard it! Go HER! 

Hey Natalie (or anyone), have you heard that Incubus may be going to tour with Lincoln Park!?  I posted it on the "tour" page.  Just was either on rido or a couple of days ago.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  Hope we'll here more info soon...!!!


Yeah, that rumor has been going round a bit but it's erroneous sadly. For some reason, some outlets were reporting dates from last year's HCT as being this year as well, ppl got excited, clicked for more info, and then were disappointed :/ Ren says no more Incubus touring for awhile except for a few dates in S. America at the end of this year. Good for them though as they've been missed the last tour and some have been missed for the last few tours, just wish I had the money to travel! :)

yeah, kinda thought i'd heard something like that before! Darn, sounds like such a great idea....maybe one day!

Well, they're great friends and seemed to really have a blast touring together last year so who knows? Maybe soon Beth! :D I thought they might be with them on the South American mini tour later this year but I think they might only be doing festivals :/

Thank you all for your help! Now I can listen to Come Together!!!

I love it! I don't have a favorite... It's so hard to decide it. What about you?

After a million listens, I still vote Come Together as my favorite Gabriel! I would say though that my first fave before I heard all the others was Space and Time and I feel like that is quickly moving up and is now tied with Lady Black as the next songs I play most often. I do love them all too though and Where All the Songs Come From still gets a lot of airplay too! How about you Beth? Or you Debra? Or anyone else? Has your mind changed Gabriel, is there one you play a little bit more now? I LOVE this discussion btw and I hope everyone comes back/sticks around for the full length album in a couple of months :)



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