Hi Everyone,


For all that didn't catch Morning Briefing Yesterday, we were coming up with ideas with Ren of what qualifies you to maybe get the chance to talk with Jose on the vid Chat. One idea that came up was ...


Design a Banner to be used for the show, and the one thats picked will maybe get to ask a question.

So get your creative hats on and post them in this thread! 




This is my Entry.


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Hello, here's my banner :)


My 2 cents.
Flipante David!!! I love your banner.

David デヴィッド said:

Hello, here's my banner :)


You all guys did great banners! I'm really impressed and love them all!

The one that stole my heart is that banner:

David デヴィッド said:

Hello, here's my banner :)


my banner resized


Update to my Previous Banner:


now with 100% more standardized size compliance.
David you clever cat, loving it! I was going to make a new one with the correct sizes, but I've just thought, I have actually met Jose and talked to him before, so it would be nice for someone else to get the chance :-) .... so good luck everyone!
i like Brett Teal's. so magical

hey guys - so I'm about to put up the second "winner" - fyi we will keep rotating these with banners that we like as we keep getting closer to the live chat date. There will be as many 'winners' as we feel like, so keep up the good work. I wanted to give some art direction as well, for anyone interested.


First, the obvious stuff - the information such as time, date, link to incubushq.com - all has to be correct & SPELLED correctly, as well as proper grammar, punctuation, etc. Additionally, it needs to READABLE, meaning clear, easy-to-read, etc. If the info is difficult to read or spelled wrong, we won't use it.


Second, as far as visuals - I place a lot of weight on good, clean typography. Helvetica is nice and all but extremely ubiquitous and overused. so don't be afraid to try some different typefaces and don't just stick to the old standards.


Beyond that, good color harmony & composition is also important. We are going for a minimalist theme & aesthetic with most of the visuals for the new album, and that extends to this as well.


I think thats about it for now - let me know if you guys have any questions.

mine risized



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