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Hi Everyone,


For all that didn't catch Morning Briefing Yesterday, we were coming up with ideas with Ren of what qualifies you to maybe get the chance to talk with Jose on the vid Chat. One idea that came up was ...


Design a Banner to be used for the show, and the one thats picked will maybe get to ask a question.

So get your creative hats on and post them in this thread! 




This is my Entry.


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Hey! This is my entry for the competition

This is my entry!


So here is what I (the not professional "designer") played around with...did it for mere pleasure, though.

hahahaha (as you can see, I clearly didn't know what I was doing...)


I hope you like it ;)

Here's my entry: 



Sticking to simplistic modernism & following suit of Incubus' new video for Adolescent: black & white, shadows, vague. Almost daring to say Jose depicted in a Andy Warhol type way minus color. Cheers.

Looks like he's farting black gas in this lol

Clever Medicine said:
That's an excellent entry, well done!

Manoela Paixão said:

This is my entry!


here's mine:



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