Are there any dates confirmed in the United States as of yet? Specifically in Michigan!!!!

I am curious if there have been any confirmed dates for the U.S. this year or next, ora concert line up?

Really looking foreward to seeing them come to Michigan Again. 

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I think they are supposed to open the tour in California!
I'm with you on the Michigan thang! This'll be my 7th Incubus show. I'm going through withdrawals! Haha.
I would keep my schedule loose for the 3rd week of August.
Haha, sweet! You rock, Renman.

I really hope they do come to Michigan again this year, i had great seats for the show at the State Theater in Detroit a couple of years ago, then, it was cancelled 20 minutes before the doors were to open, i got tickets to see them at DTE the following year, cancelled, finally I did get to see them at DTE 2 years ago and it was absolutely the greatest show i have been to, i was in the Pavillion 16rows in and center stage. perfect.

I am really hoping to see them in a setting like the State Theater in Detroit, smaller, more intimate setting, not that the big venue wasnt great, but if i could see them like the morning view dvd, i could die happy, or happier any way.

I remember those shows being cancelled! So sad. I did see them at DTE a few years ago. I think the last time they were here (the last show you went to), I was really pregnant or had just had my baby so I wasn't going anywhere! I remember years ago they were in East Lansing at the Breslin Center. That was pretty sweet. They should play here again, hint hint. ;)



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