Just a note about this discussion. I'm posting this here only because I've seen nothing about it so far and I did not find this myself. This is thanks to Jonesy827 back at the IOV forum who posted a thread about this. It's concerning the album artwork being revealed :D 

there's the link and check out what the article says about the artwork. It's pretty interesting!



and here's the link back to the IOV forum where I originally found the link


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I almost forgot to mention the link just got posted up and I was reading on the thread back at IOV that it doesn't work...YET! so keep your eyes peeled

hi amanda!

you can see the full album artwork album here: http://albumpuzzle.enjoyincubus.com/

its beautiful by the way.



I love this pictures, because I love black and white and analogic photography!

And I think that it have a great and amazing meaning...the tightrope walker express strength, courage, persistence, uncommon abitity.

Sounds also like: "Do you have a dream? A special and crazy dream? Yes, nothing is impossible, you can do it!"

I just completed the game but I knew the picture would be here :D thanks !! I love the photo as well! I'm surprised not to see any hand drawn  work by the boys but I still absolutely love it. 

I completely agree with your analysis Valentina! And somehow this uncommon ability ties in with having the courage to conquer the age old lingering question of If Not Now, When?

Today in "Incubus Italia forum" discuss about the real identity of tightrope walker of the picture...could he be Philippe Petit, famous in the age '70?


Petit's most famous work was his performance which he executed at the World Trade Center (Twin Towers) in Manhattan.

Hi Valentina,  I agree that it could be Phillippe Petit and in fact mentioned that in the chat yesterday afternoon.  The clothing style, etc. appear to be of the same era in which he was performing.  The documentary about him, "Man on Wire" was fabulous!
I am ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY in love with this album cover. The minimalist beauty of it just fits where my life is right now. It's like...the album is a perfect snapshot of my burgeoning adulthood and this just fucking captured it. Oh man; why can Incubus ALWAYS do it to me? HAHA!



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