The new single "Adolescents" is on the air all around the world. Now its pretty easy for me to keep track of where the single is getting played here in the US, but much more difficult outside the States. Until we opened the World HQ. Now we've got eyes and ears all over the planet. It would be so helpful to us here at the HQ to know when and where Incubus music is being heard in your country. If you hear Incubus on the radio please let us now. If you can remember the song, the radio station, and when you heard  the song it helps me a whole bunch when it comes to planning. Thanks for your help.

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Not sure if XM/Sirius radio is outside of the US also, but Adolescents was #9 on the Alt. Nation countdown this evening!
ok Renn I gona do a Resume of Links , Radio Stations and Give to you this information ;)
I've been contacting radio stations but apparently they don't have 'Adolescents' yet. I do hear 'Drive' on the radio nearly every morning I'm at work though!
I've been emailing a few places here in Aus. Received some positive responses. Heard it played on 'SeaFM' a Gold Coast radio station. Other stations including B105 (Brisbane) and Hottomato (Gold Coast) said they will play it after they saw emails, I included that link to the radio quality .wav file. :)

Folks. tell me where you live when you report. Need stations and locations. Stations and locations. This news is very important.


in chile, theres 3 radio that i heard playing incubus. 2 radios plays very times in the day. another it's like a classic rock radio but i heard incubus in that radio too...


lastly Sonar FM plays many times incubus, since Light Grenades.  (


Rock and Pop it's in a stop but will come back, that radio help to incubus chile to promote de incubus comining in 2010. (


and the classic rock radio is Futuro FM, that plays many kind of rock and i heard incubus (

Hi Steve, got a confirmation with Magic 89.9 that they played it at 4:45pm earlier +8GMT. I wasn't able to record it coz I was out. We'll keep you posted again. :)
Today is the official add date for Radio Stations in the USA. 

Ben Dingley said:
I've been contacting radio stations but apparently they don't have 'Adolescents' yet. I do hear 'Drive' on the radio nearly every morning I'm at work though!

also, i mean that could be interesting, there's a rock magazine here in chile called "Rockaxis" ( always they share the news of incubus. And when incubus came to chile in 2007 they do a draw for the October 9 Meet and Greet. In that magazine work people that works in sonar fm too.


they have a tv and radios shows online if remember well.


here is the link about Adolescents single



I heard adolescents last Wednesday  on 94.9 in San Diego, CA.

Radio Doble Nueve (99.1) is playing the new single Adolescents almost everyday. Doble Nueve is one of the few "alternative-rock-non mainstream" radios here in Lima, Perú.







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