Good work guys!

I love the new video!

Very great light!

I love the general simplicity of this video but also the sophisticated search of lights.

and what do you think?

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Great video!! 

One of the best. I enjoying more this track after watched this! I like the way it stars and ends, all the blinking lights an the slowmo. WOW!
The Rollei... priceless.


I lovelovelovelove the video! I like that it's in b/w  with the shadow-play; they all look amazing and having a great time!  I just realized that 'Adolescents' has a morning view feel to it.  I immediately got this vibe when I watched the vid.....
Wow, I'm overwhelmed by the overall maturity. from the song, the guys' wardrobe styling and the seemingly simlicity of the video. Amazed by the lyrical reference of the video without being literal. Then there are a few hidden bits. The going in and out of focus of the spotlights hints towards the If Not Now, When? album cover, and the words "Veri Tas" flashes across the screen. Veritas means "Truth" in Latin. Wonder what else stands out to me when I watch the video again... And again...
"veri tas" ---> harvard blazon.

I finally got to watch the video and it is really spectacular.  I think my favorite part is the slow motion part in the break. Love it. 

FINALLY! An official sighting of ADOLESCENTS MV on the Philippines's local music channel, MYX's International Top 20 today! Adolescents is the 20th but I'm still so happy coz my daily votes didn't go to waste :D <3 <3 <3

yup 2

Monet said:

I finally got to watch the video and it is really spectacular.  I think my favorite part is the slow motion part in the break. Love it. 

"the uploader has not made this video available in your country" :(  

can it be made available?

I was blown away by this video. I love Brantley's use of monochrome, he seems to be a big believer in monochrome. Which is a dying art and SO beautiful. The cinematography was flawless, so seamless. The old time microphone really got me excited as I LOVE old time mics. The slow mo, the guys ROCKING out haha. Dude honestly, if they were rocking out in my head, that's what they'd look like. It freaked me out because I was like, someone kind of turned MY brain inside out haha. Sorry for all the technical terms. This is coming from a film school graduate :)
I think the video is beautiful! I'm loving everything about it and after seeing it I was even more excited about the new album if that's possible.

This video is AWESOME!

All this unexpected focus changes in the trembling frames, dancing shadows give a sensation of instability and confusion, just like pproduction designer said!

The frames from a perspective different from Brandon posizione, such as the ones where Jose or Mike are in firts floor are amazing! Without speaking about the rallenty part...beautiful!

Despite all these tricks, this video remains so sober and minimal.

Brantley Gutierrez rocked with this video, and completed the concept of Incubus' neverending experimentation, now in the visual background too. I like this sooooo much!

Completely put up!

Such a beautiful video!! the way they use the light and depths of color to intensify the lyrics and waves of tones. WOW!! I keep watching and finding new things I love... obsessed with the videos they make.. as if the songs weren't enough the visual life to them is amazing. great work guys!! I love!!



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