The past 2 months have seen quite a number of people asking about Presales, and recently some repeat threads about it.

For new IncubusHQ members and those of you who may have missed it, here's a blog post HQ's Web Admin Lauren Clay posted in February 2012:

(Direct Link to Post: 'Presales and You' )

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"Hello, Incubus fans,


I wanted to take a second to address the troubles some of you seem to be having with getting your presale codes.

First and foremost, you must RSVP to the Event of the Concert you want to attend before the presale. The Events can be found here: and all you need to do to RSVP is click on the Concert you want and then click either the 'Will Attend' or 'Might Attend' button. You need to make sure you do this as soon after the concert announcement as possible to ensure you will be RSVP'd when the code goes out. If you RSVP after the code goes out, you will not receive the code. This is not an automated system; I send the codes out manually before every presale, so RSVPing after I have sent the code out will not automatically send it to your inbox.

Secondly, you must make sure that the email address you are using to sign in is a legitimate one. If you have signed in through your Facebook utilizing a dummy email address to reduce spam, you will not get the code. The messages are sent to the email you signed in with, which in the case of the Facebook sign-in means the email connected to your Facebook. If you have not received a code and have a different email associated with your means of login to Incubus HQ, please check that email address, as the code should be there. Also be sure that emails from HQ are not going straight into your Spam folder.

Thirdly, make sure your profile is set up to receive email messages from Incubus HQ instantly, rather than daily or not at all. You can find this setting in your 'Settings' tab under 'email'. If you have the check box UNCHECKED for "Email me when I recieve .... a message from Incubus World Headquarters" OR Unchecked for "... a message from one of my events" you MAY NOT receive your code. Please ensure all your settings are correct, as incorrect settings may cause you to miss out on the presale code.

I hope that clears some mystery up. Good luck, everyone!"

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Hopefully, this will clarify everything you need to know about presales. Please also 'follow' Lauren's posts (remember to turn on your email notifications) for her updates. Sometimes, a quick run-through the forums can get you the answers you need. If the need arises, you can send the Moderators a direct message and we'll do our best to help you out.


*We would also like to take this opportunity to kindly advise that repeat/duplicate threads will be removed to avoid flooding the forums. Thank you.

Thank You for Your Time & Interest,
sketchwish (Moderator)

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Thanks that was very helpful.

So all that said... I just found out about the concert (cause I have been living under a rock!) and the start date of the pre-sale has passed so I obviously missed the initial code manual sendout but is it too late for you to send me the code now that I am specifically asking for it?  If so, please send to  Thanks in advance!



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