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Hi everyone!

This is like a game. It is about places (countries, states or provinces, cities, towns, islands, etc.)
The places' names have to follow an alphabetical order. When a player types a place with Z, the next player starts the game again with the letter A.


USER A: Alaska
USER B: Boston

and so on...

I'll start with:


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Hudson is a town about 45 minutes from here, it was a very economically depressed town for a long time, but has had a revitalization in the last 15 years or so, lots of galleries, antique shops and one of the best Mexican restaurants I've been to!

Ithaca, NY


This is where my daughter and I saw Incubus summer of 2011! My friend had an extra meet and greet ticket, which I bought for my daughter's 17th birthday, she got a hug from Brandon! An EPIC night!

Nice story Jane! Your daughter was lucky! :)

I totally agree with Magalie. That was amazing!

Kingston, NY

The summer of 2011 was super special because of this band, many times over! I have stories! And my daughter, Alissa, has Jose's drumstick  <3


Gabriel, my sister lives in Kingston!

Jose's drumstick!!! Incredible!

Yes, I've heard about Kingston, what a coincidence :)

Manhattan, NY

The perfect "M" for NY!

NEW PALTZ, NY (where my daughter attends college)

Oneida, NY



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