Hi everyone!

This is like a game. It is about places (countries, states or provinces, cities, towns, islands, etc.)
The places' names have to follow an alphabetical order. When a player types a place with Z, the next player starts the game again with the letter A.


USER A: Alaska
USER B: Boston

and so on...

I'll start with:


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Hamden, CT... a place I need to visit to reconnect with ancestry...RIP, E.W.Gosslin
speaking ok ham....its been over 5 weeks since I quit eating pork...amazing what dreams inspire...

Inglewood, CA

Jerup, Denmark


Little Rock, Arkansas

Montpelier, Vermont

funny Jane, we also have a Montpellier here in France :)

It's named after the French city!

cool :)

Napoli, Italy

Oahu, Hawaii



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