Happy Incubus Day, ya'll!

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Oh, and I really do feel the 4/21 effect today!!   What does everyone do to celebrate? 
Happy Incubus Day to the world. Rock on and enjoy the ride!
It's 421! Happy INCU-DAY!!! :)
Let's celebrate by making a difference. If not now, when?

It is 11A.M. and there is TROUBLE IN 421. BEWARE CRIMINAL this is a WARNING: there is a FUNGUS AMONGUS! I come OUT FROM UNDER called BATTLESTAR SCRALATCHTICA. Master HILIKUS send me to this SICK SAD LITTLE WORLD to bring you your LIGHT GRENADES which are a MAGIC MEDICINE. It is a VITAMIN that REDEFINEs the NEBULA you are living in. We display no ADMIRATION for that MEGALOMANIAC in his IDIOT BOX. He is PUNCH DRUNK attending TALKSHOWS ON MUTE to speak of his PISTOLA in a SHAFT that was MADE FOR A TV MOVIE. Master thought this is JUST A PHASE in which ZEE DEVEEL SINKs BENEATH THE LINE into QUICKSAND. But there is BLOOD ON THE GROUND and the PANTOMIME as a MEDIUM SPEAKs FREE. The CONSEQUENCE is WHEN IT COMES you get NOWHERE FAST. DIG DEEP INSIDE until you reach the WARMTH. Your PRIVILIGE is that you are STELLAR. And while you DRIVE through a CERTAIN SHADE OF GREEN you will meet the SOUTHERN GIRL ANNA MOLLY  who beares the ANSWER to ANYTHING.WHILE ALL THE VULTURES FEED OIL AND WATER to the LEECH there is an ECHO you should hear coming from MEXICO: PARDON ME, but HAVE YOU EVER been running in CIRCLES?  There is A CROW LEFT OF THE MURDER and I am asking you ARE YOU IN? 


NICE TO KNOW YOU now TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER for I hear say he thinks LOVE HURTS and is one of the PENDULOUS THREADS HERE IN MY ROOM. Tell him to keep his PSYCHOPSILOCYBIN and his PAPER SHOES because you will come CLEAN.


Now take this GLASS and drink and then I'll take you on a MIDNIGHT SWIM, passing CALGONE/SEGUE 1 to get you into your NEW SKIN. And I will tell you how I MISS YOU since that SUMMER ROMANCE we had was one of my FAVOURITE THINGS. I WISH YOU WERE HERE to see my SMILE LINES when you finally MAKE YOURSELF. UNDER MY UMBRELLA the ARQUEOUS TRANSMISSION is PRICELESS. And while we listen to MONUMENTS AND MELODIES about DIAMONDS AND COAL and A KISS TO SEND US OFF, YOU WILL BE A HOT DANCER that I will be drinking MARTINI with and singing EARTH TO BELLA.




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